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With my 9+ years working in the intersection of Design, Strategy, and Technology, I combine business needs, research and behavioral insights, and design + product thinking together to ship digital products that users love.

Having originally honed my design craft in a past life as an Urban Designer, I was able to take the principles that I used in designing public spaces for people and translate them into designing digital spaces for people. 

As a result of my diverse design background, I know how to communicate with different audiences to get the message across. Previously, I have led 20-person cross-functional design teams and have also been the only designer in the room. I take ownership and manage the entire end-to-end process while being able to communicate effectively with partners along the way. 


I like to take on real headscratchers 

✏️ I'm a product-driven designer.
🏆 My superpower is collaboration.
👂 I listen to find simplicity within complexity.
🙋‍♂️ I'm always asking "why?"  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
🚁 I'm a helicopter dog parent.

Previous Design Clients



City of Bellingham

Marriott International 

Simon Development Corp. 

Tacoma Public Schools 


Lets build great products together!

Thanks for stopping by, contact me at: Saitelbachj@gmail.com 

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